Mayfield Lumber is a supplier of Appalachian hardwoods. Appalachian has the best of lengths, widths, color consistency, fiber properties and availability.  Appalachian has been in the past and will continue in the future as the most dependable hardwood resource in North America.

Aromatic Red Cedar has a unique scent. It is used in furniture and many closets, because cedar’s natural oils repel bugs and insects that damage clothing.

Normal inventory: 4/4 #1 common and better kiln dried






Ash is a light-colored, straight-grained hardwood with a coarse texture.  It has very good overall strength and is used for flooring, furniture, and doors.  Excellent shock resistance makes ash a prime choice for tool handles, baseball bats, and hockey sticks.

Normal inventory: 4/4 #2 common, #1 common,  FAS/F1 kiln dried
5/4, 6/4, 8/4 #1 common, FAS/F1 kiln dried

Hard maple, as the name implies, is heavy and hard. Therefore, hard maple is an excellent choice for high-impact flooring, i.e. ballrooms and gymnasiums. It’s uniform texture and straight grains allow hard maple to be stained to an excellent finish.

Normal inventory: 4/4  #2 common, #1 common,  FAS/F1 kiln dried

Hickory allows "bird pecks" and is very popular in furniture and flooring.  The #2 common and #3 common grades are used in applications that tend toward the rustic look.Hickory has a well-defined grain and most hickory has a good contrast between heartwood and sapwood.

Normal inventory : 4/4 #1 common  and FAS/F1 kiln dried
Special orders for 5/4, 6/4 #1 common  and FAS/F1 kiln dried

Poplar is a very versatile wood.  It holds paint and stains very well, and rarely splits when nailed. Main uses include construction, cabinets, furniture, doors, musical instruments, and carvings.

Normal inventory: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 #2common, #1 common, FAS/F1 kiln dried
8/4, #1 common,  FAS/F1 kiln dried
10/4, 12/4 FAS/F1 kiln dried

Red Oak is valued for it's strength and durability in flooring, furniture, mouldings and kitchen cabinets.  In the Appalachian region, about 35-40% of the trees in the forest are Red Oak.

Normal inventory: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 , #1 common, FAS/F1 kiln dried

Walnut’s heartwood is often used as a contrast to lighter species. It can range from a light brown to a dark chocolate brown with purplish accents, while the sapwood is much lighter.  This makes walnut perfect for decorative furniture, cabinets, and architectural elements.  Walnut is also often used for gunstocks.

Normal inventory : 4/4, 5/4 #2 common, #1 common, and FAS/F1 kiln dried
6/4, 8/4 FAS/F1 kiln dried

Valued for it's strength, White Oak is used in varied places from whiskey barrels to fine furniture. There are many problems that can arise when attempting to kiln dry 8/4 White Oak.  Mayfield Lumber "air dries" the 8/4 for approximately 10 months before placing it in our kilns.  Once in the kilns, it takes about 35 days to reach the desired moisture content of 6-8%.  Annually, Mayfield will dry approximately 600,000 bd/ft of 8/4 White Oak.  Our customers keep coming back because they get such good yield due to the care we take ensuring flat, usable lumber.

Normal inventory : 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, #1 common, FAS/F1 kiln dried